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CHICHICON 2022 Freebies Info

Hello! Here is some information about Chichicon 2022 freebies.

♥ For all orders during this period:

- Special vinyl stickers x2

- 2x new sticker sheets : Updated Whimsicute OCs and a sticker sheet drawn by Francis :D

♥ For the first 30 orders:

- All of the above, plus:

- A Tiny Goopsie Bag (10g of goodies+oopsies)

♥ For the first 20 orders:

- All of the above, plus:

- A random, simple dry media doodle on a circular artist paper ^^

♥ For the first 10 orders, amounting at least $50 USD (excluding shipping):

- All of the above, plus:

- A free chibi drawing request (digital)! ^_^

   * Chibi request terms:

     1. For personal use only

     2. Drawing will be accomplished on November, after the Chichicon event

     3. You will receive an email from us on November if you have successfully claimed one of the 10 slots. Please refer to that email for information about how you can request a chibi drawing. ♥