important reminder: please read our about/policies page and our updated shipping advisory for more info about our shipping terms and tracking your orders. thank you!

Whimsicute Shipping and Tracking

Please visit this link for your tracking numbers: Whimsicute Tracking Numbers

~ Please wait for at least a few days after ordering for your order number to appear on the tracking page. (May take longer depending on my schedule ><)

~ It takes 7 - 14 days to produce and process your orders. You will be notified via email once your package has been shipped. Your tracking numbers will not be emailed to you, please refer to the tracking sheet instead.

~ Upon receiving your tracking numbers via tracking sheet, please wait for a few days to track your package (at least 2-4 days).

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For international orders, feel free to use PHLPost's tracking page to track your package (you can use other tracking websites too): PHLPost Tracking

For local orders, please use LBC's or JRS's tracking pages.

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COVID-19 Shipping Advisory (March-Present)

General Mail Advisory

~ Local orders are shipped via J&T.

~ Packages that have already been shipped out may still get returned to us. If this happens, you may need to pay for reshipping fees for me to be able to ship it out to you again. Unfortunately we cannot afford to shoulder reshipping fees or more expensive courier choices.

~ If you are willing to pay for more costly express shipping couriers like EMS or DHL, please send us an email.

~ Kind reminder that once a package has left our possession, we sadly have no control over it any longer. We can always help you track it but we can only do so much. ;; We hope you will understand.

Thank you!

Kindest regards,

Chichi and Francis